EXPO #59
Bart Herreman
The irreal reality

29-06-2018 - 16-09-2018


IBagency presents at the Conny van Kasteel Gallery in Egmond aan Zee in Holland, Bart Herreman: the photographer presents his research work of the last years entitled "The Unreal Reality"
Born in Belgium where he lived until the 60s, he attended the Sint Joost academy of Breda in the Netherlands.
He moved to Italy in the late 60s and began his career in photography: from fashion to photography of reportage, interiors, architecture and still life.
In those years, with the advent of digital photography, he continues his research creating a world of fantasy and surrealism: animals and characters are represented in a world that from time to time represents improbable places and everyday moments.
On display there are 30 of photographs, some of large format, which describe the creative path of an artist, master of the techniques of photoshop, who uses his camera, but also the phone, to capture some details of reality to re-invent them and place them in a new world, completely unreal and imaginative.
Bart Herreman, does not want to define himself as a "surrealist", but he is well aware of the meaning of the surrealist manifesto: "Pure psychic automatism, through which we propose to express ... the actual functioning of thought. Command of thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason ... ". In his photos the lesson of the "masters" of surrealism is evident; in the images disconnected and connected together, which say everything and nothing, insignificant or full of symbols, we find the maddened or Miro ordered geometry, leaving the observer the power to decide what to see; from Ernst, the intertwining of images and situations that displace the public who cannot "come out" of that apparent illogicality; from Magritte the pleasure of playing with images by combining the real with the fantastic; from Dalì the extraordinary eclectic capacity of the "transformation" of images.
Bart Herreman, with his photographs full of extraordinary ability to realize, reveals his imaginary world made up of impossible cohabitations, stunned men and casual animals, stimulating or, better, by re-emerging from the “self” of those who look at the unreal reality, to stimulate the dormant imagination, to impose on the gaze the representation of something that goes beyond the real, a sort of infinite journey without limits of time and places.
In every composition there is always something surprising, artificial and at the same time revealing. Each of his works has the ability to represent the dreams, the visions and the fantasies of the observer.
Faced with the works of Bart Herreman, the extraordinary technical ability to take it takes second place compared to the message that the artist wants to send us, a way of life, a "philosophy" that pushes us to exceed our limits, to pursue seemingly unattainable objectives, to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
Source "ILOGO" -Italy